Changemaker Series: Accessibility & Inclusivity – The Wipro Way

Changemaker Series is our blog series which will capture stories in the format of Q&A to introduce our thought leaders and changemakers to the wider society. These stories capture essence of inclusivity, accessibility & change especially focusing on persons with disability.

We got talking with Isaac George, HR Head, Wipro and this is what he has to say about accessibility, change and our campaign approach.

What is accessibility to you?

The absence of barriers to achieve my goals and the feeling that I have the same opportunity as the next person in terms of a supporting environment

Your thoughts on Accessible India campaign

It is the right tonic with the ability to cure the ailments and to revitalize energy in creating an inclusive society in India for persons with disabilities

Tell us more about initiatives by Wipro to make work-place accessible?

Wipro first worked towards creating an inclusive environment within – through accessible infrastructure, inclusive policies, and career enabling actions in hiring & training, and then extended its support to the ecosystem that nurtures inclusion of persons with disabilities in society – in the areas of education and well being

What are the value benefits (tangible) of recruiting people with disability considering most companies are not there yet with workforce diversity?

Inclusion is a “right thing to do”.  All our initiatives towards inclusion have been well appreciated by employees, and have resulted in greater collaboration and positive energies

According to you, in what ways can local communities and people contribute to accessible India campaign

An accessible neighborhood is something that enables everyone in the local community to participate actively in society with dignity. Supporting AIC would help create such a ‘role model neighborhood’. It should be a point of pride

Local communities could do two very important things – create a system of ‘awarding’ or ‘certifying’ inclusive local establishments and communicating about the progress made to its citizens to build momentum for this journey

What expectations do you have from accessible India mobile app and portal?

The AIC mobile app and portal should serve to bring this national agenda to the thought process of every individual and to be the platform that quickly transforms thoughts to actionIsaac George, HR Head, Wipro

Are there any CSR initiatives by Wipro to ensure accessibility at work place or other projects for people with disability in general?

Wipro’s inclusion initiatives within the company are part of the way we do business. Its CSR initiatives are focused on supporting the ecosystem that serves the education and well-being needs of persons with disabilities

Lastly, how can CSR by corporate houses help the Government of India make accessible India campaign a success?

If the contribution of companies to AIC – monetary and otherwise – could automatically be counted towards CSR, that would help generate a resource bank of funding and ideas

About Accessible India Campaign:

Accessible India Campaign is a nation-wide flagship campaign for achieving universal accessibility for people with disabilities by Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities)

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Changemaker Series: Accessibility & Inclusivity – The Wipro Way

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